In response to the Port of San Diego’s recent decision to dramatically cut the Port’s Public Art budget, a group of artists have organized an exhibition of works. PUBLIC ART MATTERS will commence at 5:00 p.m. on August 8 at Woodbury University School of Architecture in Barrio Logan.

The show will include an eclectic collection of drawings and photographs of completed works in San Diego, scale models of built and unbuilt works, and mock ups and full-scale components of artwork. Other Artists, Public Art Programs and Art organizations in San Diego will also be on display showing the vibrant creative community that exists in San Diego.  Associated events include a media open house, opening night and artist Q&A.




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  1. It is a matter of priorities. Three people at the Port of san Diego have been paid handsomely for a program of aesthetics. A number of tough decisions on cost cutting were made to address the budget woes. Cuttting public art was a no brainer. The arts should be supported by the private contributions, not government funds. I personaly hope that the funding remains low, or better yet suspended all together. Government should not support the arts.

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