Exhibition Revisited: Adam Belt

We are pleased to offer Exhibition Revisited, a series of posts to supplement the Public Art Matters exhibition. In this series, we will provide artist and organization PAM exhibition content, and any supplemental information that may be available.

Although we will selecting series features randomly, we’re starting early in the alphabet with Adam Belt, whose solo exhibition, LONGVIEW, may be viewed at Quint Contemporary Art in La Jolla through October 26. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out. It’s outstanding.

Coronado Landing Park, City of Coronado
tideLANDS program
Port of San Diego Art Office
Project Status: Cancelled
“The project I am proposing consists of glacial icebergs from Alaska being placed on the beach at Coronado Landing Park. The icebergs will range in size from 4ft in diameter to 6ft in diameter. The work entitled For the Time Being uses the element of surprise to bring attention to some of the issues relevant to the San Diego Bay environment. Like other unique experiences in the natural world that defy expectations this experience will leave viewers who have ventured to the site or happened upon it with a lingering moment and memory of a rare phenomena that they may not encounter otherwise. My hope is that this moment of discovery will be tied to the bay and increase the awareness of individuals to the living and wild nature of the bay rather than the domesticated waterway and city shoreline that most of us encounter.”


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